The benefits of investing in an advocate

Another member on your team, with years of experience, who is driven to help you successfully navigate to reaching your goals.

I am more than an advocate, but also a critical thinker, a problem solver, an analyst, and an outreach specialist. I am passionate about providing support, resources, and will go above and beyond for an individual or a family who needs assistance and support. I love strategizing and consulting to  come up with a plan for success for my clients.

The benefits of investing me as an advocate is receiving years of experience, an education background. I will serve as an additional member to your team that will  be able to navigate to get the successes and goals you have desired while showing compassion, confidentiality,  and integrity.

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor- Associate

  • Provide referrals to other providers and mental health professionals
  • Provide resources to other facilities and agencies for care coordination

  • Provide individual and group therapy

  • Provide peer support, coaching, and cognitive techniques

Advocate & Consultant

  • Provide advocacy and support services to domestic violence and sexual assault survivors

  • Provide parent advocacy for children with special needs

  • Provide workshops, seminars, webinars and group collaboration

  • Provide consultation services for advocacy

Senior Services

  • Provides referrals and resources for senior citizens and retired veterans

  • Assistance with advanced directives

  • Family planning

  • Provide peer support and life coaching