My passion and determination to be heard manifested into wanting to help others learn and grow their voice.

It is never easy seeing someone not treated fairly or only pursuing one agenda. This shows up in families, relationships, workplace and in ourselves. So, I decided it was time to stop being silenced by others. I cannot turn it down, and I cannot turn it off. This is why, I do what I do. This is why, I am the best at supporting and advocating for you.

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor- Associate
Advocate & Consultant
Senior Services

Hello my name is Danielle Oates. I am the President and founder of Advocacy & Consulting Solutions.  I have a passion to help, assist and speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. My motivation is and has always been to get involved where it counts. The good trouble. As long as I can remember I have stood and fought for the lack of support and injustices for people who are less fortunate or disadvantaged to do so for themselves. What makes us human is human services.

I believe access to advocacy, mental health care, and education are the best defenses for most problematic situations. My tenacity to help and support individuals and families is my purpose and my plan to fulfill.

Why do I do this work? What’s in for me? Let me share some of my story. I am the middle child of four siblings. Growing up in that position was not always easy. It still isn’t. Sometimes I got looked over. Sometimes my voice didn’t get heard or it didn’t count. I had to learn to speak up for myself. Speak up against sexual assault. Speak up against bullying. Speak up to defend  myself in personal and professional settings. No one was coming to my rescue. I had to learn how to rescue myself. My passion and determination to be heard manifested into wanting to help support others to learn and grow in their voice and choices.

Being treated unfairly can show up in families, relationships, and work. I decided it was time to stop being silenced by others. I can’t turn this passion of advocacy down nor can I quite turn it off. This is why I do what I do. This is why I am the best at supporting and advocating for individuals and families.

V. Foster: Raising a child with special needs can be complicated. Trying to advocate for your child when you don’t even understand their needs is even harder. I’m thankful for Danielle as a parent advocate. Opening my eyes to new things while helping me understand and feel confident that her level of expertise will help my child’s education journey.

M. Solomon: Ms. Oates is an advocate that leaves no stone unturned when seeking to reveal the injustices that affect the participants or clients that she works with. Ms. Oates is thorough and seeks every resource possible to assist her participants and clients.

C. Wallace: Danielle provided trustworthy and unerring advocacy and care to an important family member. I highly recommend Danielle as a detail focused and caring individual who will make your elder a priority and champion their needs in vulnerable times.

T. Brown: Danielle Oates has been an exceptional asset to my private practice, especially with her ability of helping my client escape from a volatile domestic violent relationship. Ms. Oates was able to advocate and provide guidance within a short amount of time to the client, during the peak of the pandemic. She provided assistance with a compassionate approach that kept my client calm, as the client navigated through a scary period of their life.