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In the times we live in, our societies are filled with many people whose rights are compromised and their voices silenced. This happens in different settings, including our families, relationships, social gatherings, and workplaces. Unfortunately, many of us live with this reality which has devastating consequences, such as trauma, mental health concerns, and other inequalities.

Advocacy & Consulting Solutions was created to advocate, educate and empower people navigating the complexities of their communities and lives. Our mission is, therefore, to improve the lives of people by supporting, and advocating for them. Indeed, we do our best to de-stigmatize mental illnesses caused by unforeseen life circumstances and challenges.

We have a highly experienced professional dedicated to promoting the rights, dignity, and well-being of individuals and families. Are you looking for a counseling agency near you? Contact us now!

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Advocate

Danielle Oates

Danielle Oates is the President and Founder of Advocacy & Consulting Solutions. She has always been passionate about helping and assisting people who can’t speak up for themselves. Danielle’s motivation to advocate for people came from a place of love: the desire to see everyone treated fairly regardless of their status. She has always gotten involved where it counts, fighting for social justice and equal rights.

She believes that access to advocacy, mental health care, and education are the best defenses for most problematic situations. Therefore, she is committed to helping people learn and grow in their choices. Indeed, she dedicates herself to fulling her purpose to help and support individuals and families.

Being a licensed clinical mental health counselor, she boasts an extensive experience in clinical counseling and crisis intervention as a domestic violence and sexual assault counselor for the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association). In addition, she works with nonprofit and community organizations by providing access to mental health services. As a parent with a child who has a learning disability, she decided to get trained as a parent advocate. One of her proudest moments was receiving her certification for parent advocacy for children with special needs in Boston, Massachusetts, from the Federation of Children with Special Needs.

Danielle has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Westfield State College in Westfield, Massachusetts, and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Cambridge, Massachusetts. As the founder of Advocacy & Consulting Solutions, Danielle is faithful to helping others by establishing a client-centered approach, making her an invaluable asset to the people she serves.


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Advocacy & Consulting Solutions prides itself on connecting individuals with a licensed clinical mental health therapist and Certified Parent Advocate. We also provide Parental Advocacy for special needs kids and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We are committed to providing effective and innovative solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Moreover, we are flexible, relatable, and available for clients.

Our client-centered approach

Our professionals often use a collaborative approach by building a therapeutic relationship by working closely with each client to understand their challenges before developing solutions tailored to your needs. We are committed to building solid client-centered relationships based on trust, respect, confidentiality, and transparency.

Commitment to social justice

At Advocacy & Consulting Solutions, we are incredibly passionate about promoting social justice. We believe that everyone should have the right to access the resources and support they need to thrive optimally. This explains why we are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of the individuals and communities we serve. Amplifying your voice is our business, so contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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